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Photos 1 and 2: The city of Quito basking in the glory of its eternal spring-like weather. The first pic is from the base of volcanic Mt. Pichincha, which rises thousands of feet above the rest of the city. The second is at an altitude of about 13,500 feet, or about 4,500 ft. above the city.

Photo 3: Ecuadorian countryside in the central Sierra region, high in the Andes mountains. The drive from Quito to Tena is breathtaking.

Photo 4: The bridge that was washed away during the great flood. We had to crawl down through this small ravine and up the other side in order to catch the bus to Tena on the other side.

Photo 5: Me, carrying part of our harvest from the ¨farm¨ deep in the jungle. The walk was about 30 minutes from the road, so I helped a brotha out by carrying this one half way. It probably weighs about 60-70 lbs. My brother who was carrying it the other half of the way is about 12 years old.

Photo 6: My host family...well, Holgers wifes family anyway, at the waterfall that we hiked to. Alana and Brianne, the second girl from the left is Holgers wife, Jaquelin...does her shirt look familiar?

So yesterday, as I was reading through my Ecuador guidebook and planning my return trip to Quito, my host brother jorge, or ¨pishku,¨ started BLARING ¨Whats Love Got to do With it¨...shortly thereafter followed by Madonnas timeless family favorite ¨Like a Virgin.¨ Of course, adding to the humor is the fact that they have NO CLUE what the song lyrics mean!

Today I went to Misahualli, a small village on the Rio Napo (in which I almost drowned during my first visit to Ecuador) to visit the monkeys and reminisce over the days of yore. Well, actually more just to visit the monkeys. Which as always were very cool...and taking advantage of naive tourists through their refined tactics of robbery.

My time in the Amazon is wrapping up quickly, as I will be heading back to Quito on Wednesday. I have to admit that I already miss it, but also realize that I have things to attend to back at home...not to mention my trip to Egypt to visit Munia!!!!11!1

In my last few days I am trying to get things wrapped up with my projects and trying to accumulate a few last minute things that are really needed in the pencil sharpeners, for example. Right now, we have 6 year olds running around sharpening their pencils with razor blades and machetes. Pencil sharpeners would be much much safer and more practical.

Alright, thats about all for now...another update in a few days!


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Loving the blog. . .awaiting your eventual return to pennsylvania. . .

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OMG! its my shirt! Hooray! Someones wearing it!

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