Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Pyramids, Camelback...and a short anecdote regarding my new friend, Arafat

FINALLY! Here is a sampling of the long-awaited pictures of the only surviving "Wonders of the World." Proceeding downward, we have 1) the step pyramid of Djoser (Saqqara), 2) enormous statue of king ramses II (memphis, the former capital of ancient Egypt)...i got to see his mummy at the Cairo antiquities museum the other day., 3) me on camel (YESSSSSS!!!!), with the pyramids of Cheops and Chefren, as well as the sphynx in the background (Giza), 4) Bedoin on camel in front of the pyramid of Chefren...he didn't want to accept my 5 Egyptian pounds for the photo, he tried to demand 20! right, bud., and 5) pyramid of Chefren, with its accompanying funerary grounds.

I have an amazing story about Arafat, my AMAZING taxi driver, who was really nice and began to refer to me as his son after I spoke a few phrases of Arabic (he's 50 years old). He defended me against my rather vile and greedy guide and camel renter, who really tried to take advantage of me, sadly. The short version of the story basically involves Arafat asking me what they wanted me to pay them, an emphatic "NO," Arafat nonchalantly sauntering into the camel renter's shop, laying down my $30, RUNNING out, getting in the car, GASSING it, and TAKING OFF as the two guys came chasing after us. Arafat then proceeded to give me a high five as we headed home. I am pleased to say that I have encountered far more people like Arafat in Egypt than people like my guide. Al-hamdu Lillah (Thanks be to God)!


Blogger Cristina said...

i am green with envy.


ps: we must discuss the appreciation for life you discovered in ecuador over a warm cup of cafe upon your return. miss you!

8:50 AM  
Blogger skimbot (aka caitlin) said...


The jealousy abounds . . .

10:02 AM  
Blogger Alana said...

I think everyone is unanimous: You suck! (and we are envious) Please remember to call me when you return from your adventures so that you can share more tales and I can share mine. Wait here goes: work, work, justin. That about covers it. Eat n' Park misses you!

4:17 PM  

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