Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Picture: Volcanic Mt. Sumaco, as seen from Tena.


Now that that is out of my system... I have really cool pictures to put up, but something isnt working right. Go figure. So on Friday we were supposed to have a community meeting to discuss the mosquito net project as well as a few other small projects that we are working on currently in Talag. However, as there was a birthday party in a neighboring village and one of Ecuador´s presidential candidates (brother of the popular but booted ex-president Lucio Gutierrez) was holding a rally in Tena, NO ONE CAME. I felt so pathetic. Such is life, I suppose. So we have some strategizing to do yet...

So we went to Tena for the evening, which was fun. The rally there was kind of ridiculous. Despite police presence, people still set off fireworks in the streets and sang songs hailing the former president. One of the front-runners in the election, Rafael Correa, has started an ad campaign that includes a song about whipping the other candidates with belts. Pretty amusing, to say the least. It´s quite interesting to see how excited people are about the elections. Correa is pushing a very socialist agenda, while his principal opponent Alvaro Noboa (aka fat banana billionaire) is presumably favored by Washington for his strong capitalist rhetoric. If Noboa wins, the only thing I´m sure of is that Ecuador will continue it´s tradition of coups and overthrow him...Holger gives it 1 year. But hopefully Correa will win and we won´t have to worry about such things...

In other news, I have more bug bites on my body than any other time in my life. It is the evenings sometimes there are small swarms of gnats flying around my legs and feet. My 100% deet bug spray is going to leave me glowing pretty soon. And two days ago, I did laundry for the first time since I´ve been here. I was trying to avoid the rock in the river as long as possible, and I waited until the last possible minute.

My friend Holger has divulged to me more about his political ambitions and he says he´s going to need $1000 to campaign. Thus for the next several days, we will be panning for gold near Talag. $1.25 per day. SI, SE PUEDE. I think that about wraps things up for now. Pictures will come as soon as I can find a place where they will subir to my page.


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