Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Talag Proyectos, Day 2

Photo 1: Patricia, one of the teachers in the bilingual school, applying toothpaste to students´toothbrushes after breakfast.

Photo 2: bilingual elementary school in talag (it´s about 25 ft from my front door), where I am working on a few small projects.

Photo 3 and 4: students in 2 different classes, working on drawing pictures of the village and writing short letters to students in the U.S. as part of a penpal sort of intercultural exchange.

Photo 5: brushing our teeth at the river´s edge after breakfast. so cool, but we really need to figure out how we can start to use water that is actually potable instead of ´casi potable.´

So today was my second day working in the bilingual elementary school in Talag. Over a period of three days I am working with students to make cards and pictures to send to penpals in the U.S. I am going to bring them back with me and take them to my old elementary school so that the students there can learn more about life in Amazonia and can respond to the letters. SO COOL!!º!!11!1º1

Also, today was our second day of toothbrushing after our meal. The kids are unbelievably cute and get so messy/toothpasty/wet while their doing it, but it´s so much fun nonetheless. We also played soccer and

basketball during ´cultura fisica´which is basically phys ed class. Of course, I´m not much better than I was when I was younger, which is sort of pathetic, but at least my longer legs and taller height help to compensate.

Then I went to bathe in the river, and of course EVERYONE followed me...like RIGHT into the water, regardless of what they were wearing...and wanted to use my shampoo. So I may have to go buy some because I don´t think that I have enough to last me for my entire trip if 10 other people are also going to be using it. That´s ok though, because they´re learning great habits...I just hope that they continue even after I leave.

This afternoon, my friend Holger is going to take me to visit his grandmother, who I met the other day. We were listening to a CD of indigenous Kichwa music from here in Ecuador, and he said that his grandmother sings traditional music very well. I CAN´T WAIT! And when we left to come to Tena this afternoon, Holger´s wife and sister-in-law were making chicha, a traditional drink made from yucca (similar to a potato). I wish that you guys could all be here, it´s such an incredible experience...unlike anything you´ve ever even dreamed of doing. Let´s see what else...not too much else new. I hope that these pictures work out better than my Quito pics that I tried to post yesterday. I don´t think that I had success with those...I´m sorry for leading you on. I´m kind of new to the whole blog scene, and so I´m still working on figuring things out. Alright, off for now, but as always, more soon!


Blogger Alana said...

Oh, man. I'm so jealous. Even the thought of muddy water, large spiders, and cold showers didn't drive me away. I'm glad to hear that you arrived safe and as sound as when you started the trip. I miss you already but your work there is more important than amusing me. Don't forget to take pics of people in our clothes (if you had space to bring them that is) Have fun but be safe. We want you back in one piece!

6:28 PM  
Blogger Munia said...


Those kids are soooooooooooo adorable!!! If any of them want a big sister in egypt who will feed them baklava untils their tummies burst please let me know asap!

11:03 PM  
Blogger Jacob Battisti said...

Wow dude what an exciting trip. Hope you have many more. :)
Maybe you can take me next time.
Jacob Battisti

4:32 PM  

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